Issues and new features

This page will give you an overview of current development status, known issues and future development plans.

And YOU CAN influence it 🙂

Actual development

28 August 2018: There is a big feature currently in development: Real Time Tracking. As the term says it’s about sharing pilot’s actual location with other pilots. The initial implementation will be extremely simple… but will do what it says 🙂

Further plans

Actually I have a lot of ideas on how to improve the functionality. E.g.:

…plus various adjustments of the existing functionality…

Just please… be patient. I have just couple of hours a week which I can spend on the application development (and testing and everything else). So I can’t provide any dates or promises. Thanks for understanding.

However I’m happy to discuss your view of what should be implemented and why – let’s meet on Facebook on the application page and discuss!

Can you ask for a new feature?

Of course, you can! And I hope I’ll get some good hints from the users – from you on how to make the application better! 🙂

I’m not using any issue tracking system at the moment so you can (in this order of preference) either send me a FB Messenger message, write me an e-mail directly or via the Contact  page. And I’ll check it as soon as I can…

I’m looking forward to your ideas!

Can I report a bug?

In most cases – thanks to Google Play functionality – I’ll be notified automatically by the phone about any application crashes. However I’ll get some basic information only. Any details which would help to fix any bug is appreciated so feel free to do it. And of course there could be issues which don’t cause application crash which I might not be aware of.

As mentioned above, I’m not using any issue tracking system at the moment so use one of the following: a FB Messenger message, a direct e-mail or Contact page. And I’ll check it as soon as I can…

Known issues

Yes, there are couple of issues I’m aware of which are planned to be fixed… one day 🙂

1. the first launch – missing location icon